4 Ways To Use Video In Your Twitter Marketing

4 Ways To Use Video In Your Twitter Marketing

How can video make your Twitter marketing easier?  Twitter has 4 ways to use video in your Twitter marketing making it very easy to get started.

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Why do you want to market your brand on Twitter? There are 317 million active users on Twitter worldwide each month. Most users open Twitter daily to catch the latest real time news stories. Major brands recognize this trend and use Twitter marketing to capture the attention of those users. Many brands are using video because 82% of those users are reportedly watching video.

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Imagine having more customers find your products and/or service each day while they are catching the latest news.


4 Ways To Use Video In Your Twitter Marketing

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Twitter has several options to share video:

#1 – Shoot An In App Video

You can record and share your video from in the Twitter app. Select the New Tweet icon.

Tap the Camera icon to get the following screen.

Tap the Video Camera to move it center. Press and hold the Video Camera button to record. To add more video, press the Video Camera button again and more video will be added to the end of your recording.

The video clips can be moved to change the order in which they play. When finished recording, tap Done in the upper right corner and add a message to your tweet. Twitter allows 2 minutes and 20 seconds of video from the mobile app.

#2 – Import A Video From Your Mobile Device

You can share a live video broadcast powered by Periscope. These video broadcasts appear in your Home feed as they are recorded and will appear in Twitter searches.

To go Live on Twitter, tap the Live button. 

This screen will appear where you can type a tweet for your video. Then, press the Go Live button to begin the broadcast.

Someone watching your live broadcast will be able to comment and send hearts, a sign of support, if those options are turned on for your broadcast.

#3 – Upload Video From Your Mobile Device

Do you have a pre-recorded video to share with your followers? Pre-recorded videos uploaded to Twitter will receive the same benefits as the first two native video types.

Tap the Image icon to open your camera roll and choose the video to upload. Video length is limited to 2 minutes 20 seconds and the video can be trimmed within the app if needed.

Native videos receive 2.5 times the replies and 2.8 times the retweets. Another great option to increase follower engagement with video.

#4 – Share A YouTube Video

Twitter has made it very easy to share YouTube videos in your home feed.

Open the New Tweet icon, type the message to share along with the YouTube video link. Twitter inserts a thumbnail and description to your tweet. 


Sharing YouTube videos on Twitter will increase your views and ranking on YouTube as well as offering added benefit to your followers on Twitter. 



Don’t let fear hold you back. Video is the best way to connect with your audience and it doesn’t require any special equipment. Just pick up your mobile device and hit that record button.

You will be glad you did!


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