5 Ways To Generate Leads On Twitter for FREE

5 Ways To Generate Leads On Twitter For FREE

Everyone likes FREE but we often feel there is a price to pay for things that are worth while. NOT TRUE!  For example, there are very easy ways to generate leads on Twitter for free for your home business. 

Why do you want to use Twitter for your home business? 

Twitter has been in the news a lot lately and the reports have not been good. The New York Times reported that Twitter admitted to overstating their user count for the last 3 years. 



I understand…that does not sound like good news at all.


In the third quarter of 2017, Twitter still added 4 million new users.

That’s 330 million active users globally. There are a lot of eyes on the Twitter platform making it a great place to generate leads for your business. 

Gary Vaynerchuck said in the 2016 blog post that “Twitter is still a marketer’s dream come true because it allows you to initiate a relationship with your customers…You can use Twitter’s search engine to find people who are talking about topics related to your business.”

Here are some very easy ways to generate leads on Twitter for FREE.

5 Ways To Generate Leads On Twitter For FREE

To get started generating leads on Twitter, you will need a give away to offer in exchange for your followers email address. This give away maybe product samples or helpful training information that can be downloaded. Here is some great training to help you create your first ebook if you choose to create training information. 

Now that you have your give away, how do you share it on Twitter?

Here are my 5 favorite ways to generate leads on Twitter:

  1. Generate Leads On Twitter With Your Header – Create a header that explains how you can help your follower solve a problem they are experiencing. My header clearly states that I “Help Home Business Owners To Attract Leads And Grow Your Business.” Generate Leads With TwitterThe URL of EllenKayOnline.com has an image that links to a website to download training that is helpful to those that market their business online. Home Page Capture
  2. Generate Leads On Twitter With Your Bio Description – Always complete the bio description allowing your followers to get to know you a little better. Share with them a little about you and how you can help them. Offer a link to your training offer in the bio description since this is the information that appears when they hover over your profile. Generate Leads on TwitterAlso add a second link in the area provided below your geographical location. I like to send followers to an About Page with a special training download targeted toward Twitter follower. Completing your bio description offers 2 easy ways to generate leads on Twitter.
  3. Generate Leads On Twitter With Your Pinned Tweets – The Pinned Tweet is the most visible tweet you share with your followers because it stays at the top of your profile. The pinned tweet is a great place to share your giveaway since it is so visible on your account.  Bufferapp.com offered these statistics to compare how visible the pinned tweet is compared to unpinned tweets. It is clearly a great place to generate leads on Twitter.
  4. Generate Leads On Twitter With Your Blog Posts and Video – If you are sharing blog posts and videos that you created, always include a CTA (call-to-action). The training provided should be congruent with the give away that is offered. For example, if you are in a skin care company the training provided may be tips to improve dry skin conditions in the winter and the give away may be a product sample or an ebook about maintaining healthy looking skin. The key here is to always have a CTA that leads to your give away.
  5. Generate Leads On Twitter With Direct Messages and Welcome Tweets – Communicating directly with your followers is another great way to generate leads on Twitter. Sending direct messages and welcome tweets to new followers is a great way to say hello. A link to a YouTube video allows your new followers to get to know you and see that you are a real person. End the video with a CTA that allows your new follower additional training. This method can be a little spammy but done right with an introductory video helps to add a more personal touch.

So there you have it…5 Ways To Generate Leads On Twitter For FREE. 

Do you have other methods to generate leads on Twitter that you found works well?  Leave a comment below and share your favorite method.

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Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer

Email: Ellen@EllenKayOnline.com

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