Active Prospecting – How To Find Prospects For Your Home Business

Do you want to grow your home business but not sure where to go to find people to talk with?

Two Types of Prospecting

There are two different types of prospecting that you can do for your home business. There’s active prospecting where you are actually looking for people to talk with about your business, or there’s passive prospecting where you’re putting out marketing materials that will attract people to come to you for more information.

Today we’re going to focus on active prospecting. The task of going out and finding people that may have an interest in your home business.

Active Prospecting – How To Find Prospects For Your Home Business

If you were looking to grow your home business quick, active prospecting is a requirement. It is the fastest way in order to grow your home business.

The number of people that you talk with each day about your business is going to vary, depending on how quickly you’re wanting to grow and what your goals are for your business. If you talk with just two people a day, that’s over 700 people a year. Imagine what that could do for your business.

If you want to grow even faster, increase that number to five, maybe ten people a day that you are going to bring a conversation up with about your business. You can see how quickly it will get momentum going in order to start talking with 10 people a day about your business.

Active Prospecting – Where To Find Prospects

Now, you may be thinking 10 people a day is wonderful, but where am I going to find all these people?

We’ve often heard sponsors talk about different places that we can go in order to find people to talk with.

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You may go to the mall and start striking up conversations. You may find people to talk with while you’re filling up your car at the gas station. Chances are you won’t be the only person at that gas station. There’s going to be others around you. Talk with the other people as you’re all standing there waiting for the car to fill up.

You can go to chamber of commerce events, chamber of commerce meetings. There’s BNI groups that meet in almost every community, festivals, fairs.

Any place that there are people around, be out and about in order to strike up conversations.

Restaurants is another hotpots in order to find people that may have an interest in your home business.

Active Prospecting – What To Say

Now, as you’re out and about talking with people, you are not going to pitch your business.

You are striking up conversations and creating new relationships. If you really want to scare someone off, start pushing your products and your opportunity off on them immediately, and they will be gone for good. We don’t want that to happen.

Instead, be calm, be collected.Active Prospecting

Offer them a compliment. Compliment something that you can visibly see that is going to create a warm and friendly feeling between the two of you, whether it’s how cute their little ones are or the beautiful bag they’re carrying or something about their appearance.

Find something to compliment that person about in order to start up that conversation. As the conversation goes on, you can learn a little bit more about the person, about some of the pains that they may be facing that will open them up to your opportunity or to your products.

Remember, no pitching allowed.

You are merely striking up a conversation. We don’t have time at this point to do any pitching anyway. If you find a pain point that’s going to open them up to your products or opportunity, get their contact information.

Get their phone number, their email. Find a way to be able to follow up with them. Another favorite of mine is to pull out your phone and open up your Facebook account. Add them as a friend right then and there so that you can stay in touch with them and continue to foster that relationship that you started while you were out actively prospecting.

Active Prospecting – Follow Up

After you have gathered that contact information, don’t forget to follow up. Don’t be that person who gathers up contact information and business cards only to never follow up.

Be the person that surprises them by making that contact with them within the next 24-48 hours.

Be that person that’s going to follow up.

If you would like some more information about prospecting for your home business, go over to my website at, Total Recruiting Mastery. There’s a free webinar replay there that will give you some additional tips for how you can be prospecting for your home business.

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