Attraction Marketing - 5 Simple Steps To Attract More People To Your Home Business

Attraction Marketing – 5 Simple Steps To Attract More People To Your Home Business

Everyone loves to buy stuff…just look at what happens for every major holiday. Everyone rushes to stores or opens a laptop to buy things. It may be presents for others or even presents for yourself. Everyone loves to buy stuff…

But no one likes to be sold. Everyone avoids the dreaded salesperson. When walking in the mall, most will purposefully change their route to avoid walking too close to the salesperson at the kiosks.

Everyone loves to buy stuff…but no one likes to be sold.

Lesson Learned About Selling

When I first joined a direct sales company, I was so excited as many are. I did what the company leaders instructed and started posting information about the products and opportunity all over my social media platforms. I also had that list of friends and family we are all told to create so I called them and spent 5 minutes telling how great the products were before they hardly had a chance to say “Hello”.  

I verbally vomited on everyone! Have you ever seen that happen before? Of course you have…it happens more times than anyone wants to admit. I forgot. I forgot that simple rule.  Everyone loves to buy stuff…but no one likes to be sold!

Then I tried something new. Instead of pitching my products and opportunity, I started offering value. I started teaching the right way to market online. I started to talk about the benefits of a product instead of the fabulous ingredients. I mentioned goals that could be accomplished instead of offering hype.

That’s when it happened. People started asking me for more information! I no longer had to chase after people because they were giving me their contact information, even their phone number, to get more information.

Now isn’t that an easier way to do business.

Attraction Marketing

The answer was Attraction Marketing. Offering value and education to encourage others to raise their hand asking for more information about your products and opportunities.
Attraction marketing will work in any industry or niche. It is a process that does not work overnight…it is not a get rich quick scheme. However, offering value over a period of time on a consistent basis will start attracting more and more people to your home business.

5 Simple Steps To Attract More People To Your Home Business

Attraction marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Following these 5 simple steps can help you make the change to having people chase you for more information instead of you doing the chasing.

Step #1 – Brand Yourself

Everyone has a personal brand. It is the way people describe you when talking with other. Branding yourself is all about letting your personality shine to show what sets you apart from everyone else in the online world.
Use the traits you are most known for to become the authority figure in your industry or niche. Successfully creating a personal brand will make you a trusted adviser because you are offering the information and training your prospects need. When answering your prospect’s questions sometimes before they even know they have the question, you will be sought after when they are looking for a solution.
For more information on creating your personal brand, check out this article.

Step # 2 – Offer Value

Offering value can done a lot of different ways. Some of the most common ways of offering value include inspiration, training, and answer questions to help solve problems.
There are several common ways to deliver value to your potential customers.

Social Media Posts 

One of the most common methods of providing value can be seen on social media daily. People offering inspiration to those around them. Personal development is important in any niche. Offering a boost to help others through the day can help to create a bond between you and your potential customer.


Blogging is another common method used to deliver value. Offering training and helpful information in a blog post can help to solve a problem for your readers.
Unlike social media, a blog is also real estate that you own and is visible in search engines. A blog post can continue to bring traffic to your website years after the post was written.
For more information about ways blogging can help your home business, click here.


Video is the #1 hottest way to get people to know, like and trust you more. There is no faster way to connect with your audience than video.

The best way to learn more about video for your home business is the Video Marketing Insiders’ Club. Click here for more information.

Step #3 – Collect Capture PageContact Information

Online marketers are always building their “List”. The email list is the best way to build a long lasting relationship with your audience. This is an audience that has raised their hand and asked you to send them information and updates that can be helpful to them. This information can take many different forms such as a checklist, eBook, tool, video, etc and in all cases helps to solve a problem your audience is experiencing.
This contact information is often collected on a capture page similar to this image on right left. There is a promise of valuable information that will be received once the form is filled out and the “Give Me My Checklist!” button is clicked. The next page will either deliver the information promised or provide instructions on how it will be received.
The contact information is automatically added to an autoresponder program which can be used for future email communications with your audience. There are a number of autoresponder programs available. The program I chose is Aweber because of its ease to use and full functionality.
Collecting contact information can also be done manual by messaging people on social media or talking with them in person. Once the contact information is collected, deliver the goods through an email account. It is possible to complete Step #3 manually but it does limit the number of people you can impact without automation.

Step #4 – Connect With The Lead

If a phone number was left in Step #3, it is important to connect with that person. There are a lot of tools available on the market but nothing works as well as picking up the phone and having a conversation. It is best to make that connection within the first 48 hours of them leaving their contact information.
This conversation can take many different directions which we will dive into in a later post. To get started, a simple call to introduce yourself and make sure they received their training.

Step #5 – Determine The Need

To determine the need of your prospect is a simple conversation. There is no magic script to move this contact to a sale. It is a simple conversation to determine what is going on in their business and where you may be able to help. This conversation should be a lot of listening as they answer questions you position to understand their business and what needs they have.
It is truly amazing how quick attraction marketing can turn your home business around. When people are coming to you instead of you chasing after them, the whole dynamics of your business starts to change.
It will not happen overnight but when it happens you will enjoy all the people that you can help achieve the dream of their business.

Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer


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