5 Common Mistakes When Growing Your Home Business on Twitter

5 Common Mistakes When Growing Your Home Business on Twitter

Do you feel like you are tweeting and tweeting without any success on Twitter?  I used to feel the same way until I uncovered some very common mistakes for growing your home business on Twitter.

5 Common Mistakes on Twitter

Each mistake is easy to fix but you must recognize the problem first. Let’s get started…

#1 – Expecting To Be An Overnight Success

There are no overnight successes. Most people have to work hard and long to achieve the success they are looking for. 

Don’t be discouraged if it is taking longer than you thought it would to start seeing results. Keep building your audience daily.

Create a daily method of operation (DOM) that will help you maintain that consistency each day.  If you need a DOM, take a look at My 7-Step Home Business Daily Routine and change it as needed to create your own.


#2 – Profile that does not promote your brand

When a follower finds your account, will they understand how you can help them?

Your header image and bio should clearly describe your business objectives. Your profile image should be a quality photo of you. I created this is a simple header at Canva.com.

Need to review your Twitter profile? The following checklist will help you with all the details about setting up your Twitter profile to attract your target market. Click the button below.

#3 – Constantly Pushing Your Products

What do you do when a commercial pops up in the middle of a recorded movie? I know I fast-forward through the commercial to watch the rest of the movie.

If your Twitter account looks like a constant commercial, your followers will do the same thing.

Be sure your wall is not an infomercial channel. -Nadya Melton Click To Tweet

Use an 80/20 ratio of value to promotional tweets. The value can include blog posts, inspirational quotes, training videos, questions, tips, etc. Promotional would be your chance to share product and opportunity information.


#4 – No Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

Let’s face it…we are on social media to attract customers and team members for our business. Share CTAs where your followers can learn more about your business.

This can take many different forms such as a PDF guide, checklist, video training, bootcamp, ebook, etc. The offer should invite them to give their contact information in exchange for the valuable content you are offering.


#5 – Tweeting The Same Things Multiple Times In A Day

Once again, use the 80/20 rule. You can repeat tweets but make sure there are three or more days between each occurrence.

Create an interesting feed that will keep your followers engaged and coming back to see your tweets.

Are you making any of these mistakes? Take a few minutes today to make the corrections needed.

If you found this helpful, comment below and share with someone that can also benefit from it. 


Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer

Email: Ellen@EllenKayOnline.com

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Create Professional Looking Images - Canva.com

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My Lead System Pro - MLSP 

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