Secret Weapon of Social Media Marketing: Content Curation

Content Curation – Secret Weapon of Social Media Marketing


You have products and services to market to others…

The goal is to share content to attract others to your products and services…

But creating all that high quality content takes a lot of time…

Maybe you do not have a blog yet to serve as the hub of your content creation…

Regardless of where you are in your marketing journey, Content Curation offers many benefits.

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Let’s start at the beginning…


What Is Content Curation

Content curation is the process of reviewing articles and content that is created by others and sharing that content with your audience.

You are already on the email list of leaders in your niche or following thought leaders in other areas.

Content curation is simply reviewing their material and offering your opinion. It takes a fraction of the time required to create a new piece of content from scratch.


How To Use Content Curation

Content curation is a great option for blog posts, social media posts, ebooks, or any other type of content you are sharing with your audience.

While curating, always give credit to the original creator of the content and consider providing a link to the orginal content. Then, offer a couple thoughtful ideas you had from reading that information.

Take the time to really understand the information you are sharing so you can offer valuable thoughts in your curation.


Reasons To Include Content Curation

It is faster and cheaper to add curated content to your social media marketing strategy.

Choosing a reputable source will provide you with high quality content to share your thoughts about.

A few more key reasons to include content curation are:

–Connecting with influencers

–Increasing your reach

–Creating new connections

–Expanding your audience

Every time you share content from an influencer, your name will appear in their social media notifications or google alerts. Sharing their content repeatedly is going to help get you on their radar.

You will also be more visible to their audience as your name starts to appear with the curated content. At the same time, you can expand your reach into new subject matter without the time needed to research and produce original content.


Free Tools To Make Content Curation Easier

There are many ways to curate high quality content and several tools that can make curation easier.

One word of caution…Be careful with tools. 

It is easy to add tools to your social media routine and soon that routine is full of automation with little personal interaction.

Social media is a place to build relationships. Always focus on building relationships anytime you are marketing your business on social media.

#1 – Social Media Lists

An easy way to curate content on social media is using lists.

Facebook allows you to add custom Friends Lists. This blog post, How To Use Facebook Friends Lists For Your Home Business, offers step-by-step instructions to set up new lists. Setting up a list of influencers will offer a go-to place to find content to share with your Facebook friends and followers. Simply hit the Share Button on the post you want to share, add a few comments or suggestions of your own, and publish.

Twitter allows you to create Lists of any Twitter account, even if there isn’t a current connection with that person. Simply select the three vertical dots next to the Follow Button and select Add or Remove From Lists…

Refer to your lists when looking for content to curate and simply retweet. 

Using lists on social media is one of the easiest ways to have content ready to share with your audience.

#2 – Feedly

Feedly is another free method of monitoring blog posts and articles released from sites in your niche. To begin using Feedly, identify which sources to include in your feed. Then review that feed when you would like to curate content.

Feedly is a quick and easy way to find high quality content.

#3 – Buffer

There are both free and paid versions of Buffer. I use the free version with the Buffer Chrome Extension.

Once you find that high quality blog posts to curate in Feedly, simply click on the Buffer icon at the top right corner of your browser, select the social media platforms and type messaging to include.

#3 – Newsletters

Do you get updates in your Inbox from various influencers?

Emails and newsletters are another great source of curation content. You obviously trust their content since you are on their email list. 

Click the link to open the post in your browser and add it to your Buffer Queue or share it directly to your social media account. 


There are many other tools not covered here. The purpose of this article is to explain the value of curating and offer a few tips to make it easier. To find more tool options, Google is your friend. Simply search “content curation tools” and you will find a list of other options available.

How Often To Include Content Curation in Social Media Marketing Strategy

Making content curation a regular part of your social media marketing strategy is an effective method of becoming the go-to person when your audience is searching for an answer to their business questions.

If you are starting your marketing journey, all social media content can consist of sharing curated content. Sharing the content of others will give you time to start creating your own original content.

As the number of your original articles grows, add your original content into your social media marketing strategy while continue to share curated content.

Most marketers recommend continuing curated content to make up one third of the content you share. Test curation out and create a mix that works best for you.


Let’s Get Started

Content Curation is a fast and easy way to add high quality content to your social media marketing strategy.

Sharing high quality content will make you the go-to source for your audience to find answers to their marketing questions.


Do you curate? Leave a message below of your favorite content curation tools. 

Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer


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