How To Create A Custom 90-Day Game Plan For Your Home Business

How To Create A Custom 90-Day Game Plan For Your Home Business

Would a customize 90-day game plan help you move forward in your home business?


Creating that plan is easier than you may think. Once it is created, it will help you have more clarity to set up the daily activities needed to make progress and see the results you are looking for.


Your 90-Day Game Plan

According to Brian Fanale, the best way to start designing your 90-day game plan is to begin with the end in mind. He should know…his team built an 8-figure business using this design. It can help you create big results also.

Always begin with the end in mind to achieve your marketing goals. - Brian Fanale Click To Tweet

Begin With The End In Mind

Spend some time thinking about what you want to accomplish in the next 90 days. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • Is there a certain income level you would like to reach?
  • Are there a certain number of sales you would like to make over the next 90 days?
  • Maybe it is a rank advancement in your company?
  • How many team members would you like to add?

You are setting goals to achieve over the next 90 days. As with any goal, it should be achievable but it should also challenge you and make you feel a little uncomfortable. Personal growth always begins at the edge of your comfort zone. 

Personal growth always begins at the edge of your comfort zone. Click To Tweet


Next, spread that 90-day goal over the next 13 weeks. For example, you want to add 26 team members which is a goal of 2 new team members each week (26 / 13 = 2). If you have been tracking your numbers, you will know how many people you will need to talk to each week in order to recruit 2 new team members.


Then, decide how you would like to make those sales. Will you do it by hosting webinars? Or by phone? A sales page? There may be a few people that will see your offer on social media and buy it but that number will be very low. 


3 Steps to Online Marketing Success

There are 3 steps involved in success online marketing process that should be the focus of everything you do when promoting your home business. Following these steps will help you achieve the goals set in your 90-day game plan.


#1 Grow An Audience

Begin by building a targeted audience that is interested in what you have to offer. They should have an interest in the information you share, training you provide and the products/services you offer. The more targeted your audience, the more engaged they will be. 

Your targeted audience can be built on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, as well as blogging and email marketing. Growing your audience can also be done offline with one-on-one conversations as you are building relationships with your audience. 

#2 Offer Valuable Content

Offering valuable content that attracts your target market is the best way to keep your audience engaged. Valuable content can take the form of Live broadcasts, video, stories, sending emails, surveys, social media posts, telephone calls, etc. Sharing valuable information will keep your audience coming back over and over again.

The content you offer will provide inspiration, motivation, and training to help them solve a problem in their business. The content will also direct your audience to a place where they can engage with you further by giving you their contact information. Where you are sending your audience will depend on the format you choose to use for Step #3.

If you are planning a webinar, you can offer an ebook or checklist for their contact information with a thank you page that takes them to a webinar registration page. If you are planning to use email marketing for Step #3, you may just gather an email address that can be used to send the email offers.


#3 Convert The Sale

The final step of the online marketing process is converting the sale. This step is delivering the goods promised in Step #2. Which ever medium you choose, deliver the content with two times the energy, two times the excitement. Your audience will hear the enthusiasm in your voice and delivery keeping them engaged and excited about the information you are sharing. 

If you are just starting out, do not get discouraged with your first experience with the 3 steps of online marketing. Each time, your skills will improve and your audience will grow. Keep moving forward!

Now you are ready to CRUSH IT knowing exactly what you want to accomplish with your 90-day game plan!


If you found this helpful, comment below and share with someone that can also benefit from it. 


Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer


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