Facebook Personal Profile Or Fan Page To Grow Home Business

Facebook Personal Profile Or Fan Page To Grow Home Business

Social media has become a part of our daily lives. We use it to stay in touch with our family and friends, reconnect with childhood friends and get new ideas and inspiration. The most popular social media platforms right now is Facebook.

The numbers are amazing! Facebook has over 2 BILLION active users worldwide. Facebook is a critical marketing strategy for 42% of marketers.

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That makes Facebook the ideal place to market your home business.  But the first question is always, “Do I use my Facebook personal profile or fan page to build an audience?”

Facebook Personal Profile Or Fan Page 

Both the Facebook personal profile or fan page has been used to successfully grow home business. It is really depends on your personal preference.

Facebook Personal Profile

Some people feel they can reach more people on their personal profile. After all, that is where their friends and family are. Use caution here because it is against Facebook’s terms of service to use your personal profile for business purposes. If you still prefer to use your profile, there is a way to segment your friends using lists if you prefer to exclude some of your business posts. Here is a blog posts that goes into detail of How To Use Facebook Friends Lists For Your Home Business.

Facebook Fan Page

I prefer using a Facebook fan page for building your home business. The fan page is a long term strategy since there is no limit to the growth allowed whereas the personal profile is limited to 5,000 friends. I normally post to my fan page and share the posts to a friend’s list on my personal profile.

If you want to include Facebook ads in your marketing strategy to grow your home business, a fan page is a must. Facebook ads will allow you to grow your business faster.

Decide where you are going to grow your home business and start providing value content to audience while it grows. As that audience grows, send messages to those that like and comment on your posts. These messages are a way building relationships and eventually approach with your products or opportunity. This blog post, 4 Prospecting Tips For Home Business, will help as you start approaching your audience.

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