Grow Your Home Business Income Faster With Video

Grow Your Home Business Faster With Video

Are you using videos on YouTube to grow your home business?

Grow Your Home Business Faster With Video

These statistics explain why you want to be on YouTube:

  •  YouTube has OVER 1 BILLION users.
  •  1 BILLION HOURS of YouTube video are watched daily.
  •  87% of online marketers use video content
  •  Revenue grew 49% faster for marketers using video vs. those not using video

We have all heard the video is the best way to build a connection with your online audience. It’s a great way to build that Know-Like-Trust factor that is so important and difficult to build with text-based content.

Enough said…


Whether you are new to video or looking for ways to improve, here are some easy steps to follow…

8 Easy Steps To Create Value Based Videos 

 Step #1 – Find a topic

Find a topic for you video that is interesting to you audience.

This step will stop many dead in their tracks because most home based business owners will over-complicate finding a topic.

Not sure what to talk about? Visit some of your favorite niche blogs to see what topics they are sharing and blogging about. Look at the comments on blog posts and forums for questions you can use as a topic idea.

One word of caution though…

Use the information found in research to inspire new topic ideas. NEVER copy someone else work and pass it off as your own.

Step #2 – Create a compelling title using keywords

Your goal on YouTube is to have videos for your audience to help them in their business. The title of your video should catch the attention of your audience so they want to watch the video to learn more. For example, Generate Leads on Twitter could be enhanced with 5 Ways To Generate FREE Leads On Twitter For Your Home Based Business. Which builds more curiosity for you?

Adding keywords to your title will help rank the video in the YouTube search engine. In the example above, you may focus on keyword phrases of Free Leads On Twitter and Home Based Business to rank in the search engines.

Not sure what keywords to use? I use a tool called TubeBuddy to research keywords used by other video marketers in my niche. By visiting their channel while using the TubeBuddy Chrome extension, I can gather keywords and tags they are using as well as other analytically data.

Step #3 — Shoot a video filled with valuable contentgrow income faster with video

The next step is shooting the video. The video will be centered around the topic chosen in Step #1 and filled with valuable content that will help your audience.

There are no rules on the length of your video as long as it is delivering the goods promised in the title. Fillers to make the video longer will lose the attention of your audience.

The best formula for shooting the video is: 1) Ask a question; 2) Introduce yourself and what you stand for; 3) Deliver valuable content; 4) Ask the audience to Like the video, Post a comment related to your video content, and Subscribe to your channel; and 5) Have a Call-To-Action (CTA).

Always offer a way for your audience to gain additional information from you. Some option include a capture page with a free download which adds them to your email list, sending them to your website or asking them to connect with you on social media. Have a way for them to connect with you and follow you more closely.

Step #4 — Change video file name to title chosen in Step #2

After shooting the video and completing any editing, save the video using the title as the file name. Having the keyword from the title in the file name of the video will help rank the video.

Step #5 — Upload video to YouTube

Upload the video to your YouTube Channel by dragging and dropping the file to the upload button or browse to find the file saved in Step #4. Upload time will vary based on the speed of your internet connection. To make good use of your time, start working on Steps 6 and 7 while the file is loading.

All videos added to your channel should be tagged with keywords specific to your brand. Those tags may include your name, your website URL, an overall subject for your channel, etc.

home based business marketing

Step #6 — Choose channel playlists and tags

Add playlists to your YouTube channel if you have not already done so. Playlists will make it easier for your audience to dig deeper on a particular topic. For example, if your channel is about travel, you may choose playlist focused on your favorite destinations, favorite accommodations, adventure trips, etc.

When creating playlist names, use keywords in the name as well as in the playlist description. Videos added to that playlist will also use those keywords along with a few specific to the video topic.

Step #7 — Add description using keywords and tags to rank the video

While the video is loading, add a description for your video. YouTube allows a 5,000 character description for each video.

A few things I like to add to each video is the URL for the video, the URL for a capture page or the CTA from the video, a link to my website, and a way to connect on other social media platforms.

Once again use keywords and keyword phrases throughout the description. Also add the same keywords and keyword phrases as tags for the video.

This is another place where the TubeBuddy tool can help. TubeBuddy will load defaults with each video which can include the basis of the video description, tags for the channel, playlists and other settings you choose. It will even help you research tags, create thumbnails and end screens if you like.

Step #8 — Share, share, share

Content is only valuable to others if it is shared. Share your video in as many places possible to get views. Sharing may include emailing your list, share on every social platform you are on, share in syndication groups on Facebook where you can watch/like/comment to the videos of others in return for the same on your videos.

TubeBuddy will publish YouTube videos to Facebook even allowing you to save as a draft or schedule publication in Facebook. This is a very helpful feature since video loaded directly to Facebook seems to get more reach than posting YouTube links.

Seek as many views, likes and comments as possible to help rank your video higher in YouTube’s search engine.


I’ve created an easy checklist for you to follow each time you create a video.

Find value? Comment below and Share with your friends and followers on Social Media. 

Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer


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