How To Use Hashtags On Social Media More Effectively

How To Use Hashtags On Social Media More Effectively

What is a hashtag? What is the best way to use hashtags on social media?

Hashtags are found a lot of different places…even in our conversations. #CRAZY

Do hashtags have you a little confused?

Don’t worry. You are not the only one.

Sometimes it seems like we talk more in code than real conversation.

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So let’s figure out this whole hashtag thing…

How To Use Hashtags On Social Media

What Is A Hashtag And Why Use Them

A hashtag is the “#” often used before a word or group of words.

Hashtags are commonly on some social media with keyword(s) which are associated with a particular topic that you are posting about.  

Using hashtags on social media makes the content you are posting easier to find by others.

How To Use Hashtags On Social Media

Here is an example from Twitter where hashtags were used. If you are looking for more information about the keywords google, algorithm or seo, the keyword can be search with the # to learn more about that topic.

Twitter Hashtag 1

Notice the “#google” is also a link (shown in blue) in this tweet. Clicking on the word will link to other tweets using the same hashtag. Following hashtag links is a great way to find more information about a common topic.


Hashtags are helpful when following a brand or event. In this example, #smmw18 is a common hashtag used for those attending the Social Media Marketing World 2018 event.

Attendees of the event can easily create conversations by including the hashtag in the content they are posting and all posts will appear when searching that hashtag.

Twitter Hashtag 2

Amy Porterfield uses the hashtag #omme for her brand, Online Marketing Made Easy, as shown in this recent Instagram post. When her students and followers include the hashtag in their posts, Amy and her team can easily locate conversations to chime in or offer assistance.

Twitter Hashtag 3

Another helpful place to use hashtags is Facebook groups. After groups grow, it becomes very difficult for the group owners to locate questions that need to be addressed by them instead of other group members. Identifying a common hashtag to flag your attention in the group rules will help group owners find the posts that need their attention.

How Many Hashtags To Use

The number of hashtags to use changes with the social media platform.

Instagram is one place to use a lot of hashtags. The recommended number of hashtags for a post on Instagram is 11 even though up to 30 hashtags are allowed on each post. Test it out…use 11, try more and try less. Find a number that works best for you and your audience.

HELPFUL TIP:  Make your original Instagram post with very few or no hashtags placing your hashtags in the comment section. This will keep your original post from looking spammy with all those hashtags.

Twitter and Google+ are also common social media networks for hashtags. Keep it to 3 or less hashtags for each tweet/post. 

Hashtags are now becoming more common on Facebook…use them sparingly. 

LinkedIn is a professional network and the content you share there should reflect this. Avoid hashtags on this network.

What To Avoid When Using Hashtags On Social Media

  • Avoid using hashtags that are not relevant to the content. 
  • Avoid posting more hashtags than content.
  • Avoid #puttingawholesentenceinonehashtag (hashtags that are too long).
  • Avoid using hashtags every time you post on social media.


There you have it. Everything you need to know to use hashtags properly on social media. Now it is your turn to test it out on your audience. Each audience is different so find a mix that works best for you.

If you found this helpful, share it on social media. #socialmediatip

Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer


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