4-Steps to Setting Goals That Will Change Your Life

4-Steps to Setting Goals That Will Change Your Life

What are your goals for your home business?

As I write this, it is December and the final days of the year are just around the corner!

December is always a very busy month with parties and celebrations every week! As the activities slowed down toward the end of the month, I started to think about goals for the New Year.

Goals are essential for all areas of life…family, spiritual, financial, and health. A strong business is appreciated more if we have someone to enjoy it with.

I once heard a speaker compare the lack of goals in life to walking in a forest without a compass. Without the assistance of a compass, a person will aimlessly walk in circles and never get out of the forest.

Life is the same way. Without a plan, a person is also likely to walk aimlessly through the days, months and years not reaching full potential and worse yet…not fully enjoying life.

Although it is December as I write this, the goal setting tips revealed here can be used any time throughout the year as you are beginning a 90-day challenge, launching a new business or product or just trying to get refocused. 

4-Steps to Setting Goals That Will Change Your Life

Step #1 – Review What Got You Here 

Before setting goals, let’s take time to review and take an inventory. Chances are there have been some accomplishments that brought you to this point. Recognize and celebrate those accomplishments. There may also be some things that didn’t work. Celebrate that too…now you know not to do that again!

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. -George Santayana Click To Tweet

It is time to reflect on a few questions remembering to consider all areas of life: business, family, spiritual, financial and health. The answers to these questions should reflect a period of time or a function that is under review for setting new goals.

  1. What accomplishments am I most proud of?
  2. What personal improvements am I most proud of?
  3. What was my best decision?
  4. What area of life did I experience the most growth?
  5. What would I like to re-do?

Answering these questions may require a physical review of your calendar to help remember all the events and experiences. Even if things didn’t go as planned, there are always some high points to remember. This is the best place to begin when setting goals to make the future better.


Step #2 – Setting Goals

Individuals that set goals accomplish more than those who fail to plan.
Going through life without goals is like starting out on a trip without a map. If you aren’t clear on where you are going, how can you be certain you will arrive safely and in the shortest amount of time possible. 
Setting goals for business and life provides the roadmap needed to reach the desired destination. 

Here are six tips in setting goals:

  • Set goals for each major area of your life. I set goals in five major areas including Spiritual, Relationships, Business, Health and Financial.
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals. You have probably heard reference to SMART goals before
    • S = Specific. Goals must be stated in a clear way to describe the final outcome.
    • M = Measurable. Goals must include measurable quantities.
    • A = Actionable. Goals must use verbs or actions words.
    • R = Realistic. Goals must be within reach to achieve. It should also encourage you to reach for achievement rather than something that will just happen without extra effort.
    • T = Time-bound. Goals must have an end date.
In summary, express the goals in a way that leaves no doubt about when the final outcome is achieved and journey toward the goal is completed. For example, a goal to make an additional $12,000 in the next 12 months for your home business contains all elements of a S.M.A.R.T. goal.
  • Reverse engineer your goals. Break down monthly, weekly, and even daily actions to achieve your goal. Breaking a goal down into monthly or weekly increments is less over-whelming than focusing on the full year’s goal. Our goal of $12,000 additional income divided by 12 is a monthly goal of $1,000.
  • Determine required activity. What daily activity is required to achieve that goal? To make additional income in your home business, you will have to make new contacts. How many contacts will it take to make an additional $1,000 each month?
  • Write the goals down. Post goals in writing in places to see and read them multiple times each day. I create an graphic using a lifestyle photo of my husband and I walking on the beach with my five top goals displayed. I placed this graphic on my bathroom mirror so I see it each morning when I get up and night before retiring for the day. It is also posted above my desk in the office. In addition, I took a picture of the image to post it as the wall paper on my smart phone and table. Each time I pick up my phone, I’m reminded of my goals and daily activity for the year.
  • Share your goals. Sharing goals with your family and business partners will hold you accountable to the goals. Accountability is an important part of seeing a goal through to the end.
Here is an example of a SMART goal that contains all these elements:
I will make an additional $10,000 by December 31, 2017 in my home business by reaching out to 5 new contacts each day.
Set an appointment with yourself to write down your goals for the year. You will be glad you did!

Step #3 – Pick Three Major Goals 

A wise man once told me that you can only truly focus and work toward 3 major goals at a time to avoid losing focus and direction. I still follow PeeWee’s advice when setting goals.

Pick the 3 goals that are most important to you as your primary focus. Balance in life is important, so it is wise to choose goals from different areas in this step. 

Continue to work toward all goals. If you need to choose which activity to do first, begin with activities of your 3 major goals. 


Step #4 – Review Goals Regularly

Are you making progress toward accomplishing those SMART goals?
That’s a good question and one that is difficult to answer with a review. Schedule an appointment on a regular basis to review your goals and monitor progress. 
The questions asked to begin the goal setting process will also work to review focus on accomplishing those goals.
  1. What accomplishments am I most proud of?
  2. What personal improvements am I most proud of?
  3. What was my best decision?
  4. What area of life did I experience the most growth?
  5. What would I like to re-do?


Four simple steps that will provide that roadmap for your daily activities. Simple steps that are essential to stay focused on your end goals.

Shiny objects will always show up threatening to distract you from your goals. Following shiny objects that are constantly taking you in different directions will keep you stuck. If that shiny object is not in line with your goals, pass it by. Stay focused on your goals. 

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Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer

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