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Social Media Analytics – Is Your Social Media Marketing Plan Working?

Is your social media marketing plan working?

Peter Drucker said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” 

You can't manage what you can't measure. -Peter Drucker Click To Tweet

This is true for social media marketing also. Tracking key metrics on social media accounts will provide a measurement to manage the effectiveness of your social media marketing plan. 

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Social Media Analytics – Is Your Social Media Marketing Plan Working?

To determine if your social media marketing plan is working, it will be necessary to understand the business purpose of the social media account. Often the purpose is to grow an audience and increase engagement to sell products and/or services.

Take a few minutes to understand the underlying goals of your social media accounts.

Analytic metrics will vary between social media platforms. Here are some recommended metrics to begin with:

  • Twitter – Follower Growth, Retweets, Likes, @Mentions, Impressions, Website Traffic, Leads Generated
  • Facebook – Friends/Fans/Followers, Shares, Comments, Reactions, Reach, Website Traffic, Leads Generated
  • Instagram – Followers, Comments, Likes, Clicks, Leads Generated
  • YouTube – Subscribers, Comments, Likes, Views, Watch Time Minutes, Leads Generated, Audience Retention

All of this information is available from the social media account or Google Analytics without any additional tools. If you choose to dig deeper, there are a number of paid tools to track your efforts on social media. 

Tracking social media analytics in an Excel or Google sheet will allow you to watch the changes in your social media accounts. Use these numbers and trends to adjust your social media marketing strategy to ensure you are reaching your goals.

Get started with the basics and expand as needed.  It will be better to have some information than to get caught up in endless research trying to find the right tools.


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Ellen Kay Kirchdoerfer


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